by Amanda Youngblood, San Diego State University

This webquest provides an opportunity for students to become acquainted with some of the most alluded-to Greek myths and to connect these myths to modern society in terms of culture and language. Students will also analyze the ideas and organization within the myths in order to create their own myth.



Greek mythology is anything but ancient.

In the world today, elements of this ancient story-telling tradition may be found everywhere. In literature, we find Cerberus, the mythological three-headed guard dog of the underworld, guarding the sorcerer's stone in the Harry Potter series. Cyclops, well-known for his encounters with Odysseus, shares his name with a mutant in the X-Men series. Nike shoes were named after the winged goddess of victory, who could run and fly at great speeds. Most of the planets are named after deities, as are many modern cities, such as Atlanta.

It's important and useful to have an understanding of Greek mythology. In this webquest, you will learn much about the Greek myths, and then using your understanding, you will compose your own myth.