by Cyndi Buist, Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy
Brandy Griswell, Brevard Community College

A mock trial to decide whether or not the Planet Pluto should be considered a planet in our solar system or just a moon.


The team of prosecutors organize their folders and notepads.  They try not to look nervous in front of the jury pool.  Across from them are the defense lawyers.  They look confident the jury will rule in their favor.

Bang! Bang! Bang! as the gavel stikes the judges desk.  "This courtroom must come to order! We will begin shortly.  Introducing docket #465618-1 the people of the planet Earth vs. Pluto.

"Here we begin our live coverage of the much talked about trial of Pluto- planet or not.  Here come the prosecution and defense teams.  As you can see, there is much more to this trial than the issues themselves.  These teams have been long time rivals in their search for justice.  This trial promises to be entertaining as well as informative." says the captivating reporter from the channel 3 news team.

The jurors stir in their seats watching all of the commotion unfold before them.  They are all wondering how they were so lucky to be chosen for such a monumental case.  Now it is time to take out their notepads so they can get to work.  The trial is about to start.