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Point of View

Diary is not in first person point of view.

Diary entry does not include character's feelings

Diary is mostly in first person point of view.

Diary includes at least one emotion



Diary consistently uses first person point of view.

Use of emotion. provides insight into character


Diary blends first person point of view and historical details to portray a three dimensional character.




Diary entry is brief and superficial Diary entry includes at least three details about the character's life  Diary entry includes more than three historically accurate details about the character's life  Diary entry uses historical details t convey a well written story


Writing Mechanics and Structure


Sentences are choppy, incomplete and awkward. 

Many mechanical errors.

Sentences are efficient and sometimes awkward.

Some paragraph problems exist. .

Sentences are varied and mostly correct.

Few mechanical errors.

Sentences are well structured with variety.

No mechanical errors.




Vague and redundant.  Words used incorrectly. Functional,  but lacks inspiration

Attempts figurative language,  good grasp of vocabulary

Accurate words convey intended meaning.  Expressions are fresh and colorful.