~ Step 1: Research ~

Spend some time online researching F. Scott Fitgerald.  Locate at least 5 credible sources.

Make a detailed list of what you have learned about Fitgerald.  You may use any format you like, outline, notecards, graphic organizer, but you must turn in this portion with your final project.

Now create a simmilar set of notes about the character of Jay Gatsby.  Use the text to find specific evidence.

Use the library online resources and journals to find critical essays or reviews commenting on the comparisions between Fitgerald and Gatsby.  You must find at least three critical writings.

Organzie what you have found on the theory that Fitgerald is Gatsby.

Create a chart of information comparing and contrasting Fitgerald and Gatsby in terms of this theory.


Some Resource Sites:


~ Step 2: Writing ~

Your are to create 5 double sided journal entries of Fitgerald and Gatsby. 

These entries are to be well written and are your evidence for your presentation.

Consider writing entries on elements such as childhood, education, family and personal life, education, place in society, values, and opinions on society.



~ Step 3: Your Presentation ~

You are to create a power point presenation showing your findings and taking a position on this issue.

You may choose any position, but you must prove your reasoing in your journals and you must center your presenation on your position. 

Your goal is to convince your classmates that you have the correct position.