Greetings Big Bird Watchers!  You have steps to complete below in which you will journey across the Internet to gather important information about the American bald eagle.

You will need: a Partner, a pencil, paper for notes, and your curiosity!
The results of your Internet work will go into your blog.

Choose now - go forward and learn. Or quit. What will it be?


Step 1: What is the scientific name for the bald eagle? What are the classifications of this magnificent bird?

Link1: Natureworks

Step 2: An eagle has special raptor characteristics. Explore and describe the feathers and the eyesight of the bald eagle.

Link2: American Bald Eagle Information

Step 3: What are talons and how does the bald eagle use them? Explain what you think is remarkable about this part of the bald eagle.

Link3: Journey North -- talons

Step 4: Eagles migrate during the winter from the northern areas down to southern areas? Can you explain what migrate means and why they do it?

Link4: Why do they migrate?

Step 5: What does an eagle home look like? Where is it found? What is unusual about it?

Link5: Journey North - eagle nests

Step 6: On your own -- why were bald eagles on the endangered species list, and what has happened to change that? 

Telescopes bring the birds into focus...