by Jessica Granger Harvie, Ridge Community High School

Students will reinforce research, writing, technology, choreography, and dance skills through several arts-infused projects based on the life and career of dance legend, Gene Kelly.


"He could do anything... and did everything." -Debbie Renyolds


Who is Gene Kelly? 

 What is the story of his life and career? 

 How did his career impact the world of dance?

 What is unique about his style and choreography? 

 What is the legacy that he leaves behind for future dance generations? 


The National Dance Week Association (NDWA) is considering honoring Gene Kelly for a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the world of dance, film, and music.  The NDWA is now accepting proposals in the form of portfolio presentations in favor of Mr. Kelly receiving this award.  All proposal portfolios presentations must be submitted during the last class meeting day of the semester.  (See your Time line for your class deadline)