by Erich Horst, Greenholme JMS

This WebQuest will ask students to analyze existing anti-bullying programs, evaluate their merits and justify which program they suggest the school adopt.


BullyingBullying is a problem.  Not just in our school, but everywhere.  But when 70% of the kids at our school have been bullied, that is not a problem, that is an epidemic that calls for drastic measures.  The school must adopt an anti-bullying program ASAP and needs your help.  As a member of a student taskforce you will examine existing anti-bullying programs, analyze and evaluate them and present your preferred choice to the class.  You can even change, modify or combine different programs to create your own - whatever you think will work!  When all taskforces have presented the program they endorse, the class will vote and the program receiving the highest number of votes will be presented to the Anti-Bullying Committee consisting of teachers, parents and concerned citizens.