Each member must take and fill the duties of one of the four positions.

  1. Race relations of the 1990's: The team member will report on Race relations in the United States from 1920 to current. Include information on the Civil Rights movement, Civil Rights Leaders, and noted African-American authors; to include Maya Angelou.
  2. Economics: Include information regarding the industries of cotton, tobacco, and the Plantation system. Also, include statistics regarding the changing (?) economic status of African-Americans.
  3. Family Structure: This is to include the rolls of various family members including the Father, Mother, children, extended family members, and "claimed"/unofficially adopted members. Detail changes in rolls over the years. 
  4. Socio-Economic Status: Report on changing economic status and demographics of African-Americans.


Information Regarding Maya Angelou


Race Relations:


Family Structure: 


Socio-Economic Status: