by Tonya Aiken, Gainesville High School

This WebQuest is designed to use while reading The Grapes of Wrath. It is correlated with the idea of the American Dream and the consequences of a society that takes care of individuals or each other (I to We philosophy). These activities will focus on relating the discussions in the novel to current situations as well as understanding the progression of the American Dream ideal.


If you had to live through a tragic American event in which your life was ultimately at risk, how far would you go out of your way to save others if it mean jeopardizing your own livelihood?

Would you allow  a stranger to live with you?

Would you allow an entire family to move in?

Would you give up a meal in order to let another person eat? What if you were not gauranteed another meal for days?

Would you consider giving your life for another person in your family? What about a child who is a stranger?

Would you fight authority for something you believe in? What if it meant you could be jailed and sent away from your family?