First assignment: Your Assignment is to complete the following chart on the characteristics of the Ancient Chinese Religions of Heaven worship, Confucianism, and Taoism/Daoism.  In each section, provide a detailed description, include at least 3 facts. Use the following Web sites to complete the assignment.

Religions of Ancient China


Ancient faith: Heaven worship






Who founded the Religion? And when





What was the Religion about?







Individuals Role





The Rites of the Religion







Deities? If any?






What were the major focuses of the Religion







Philosophy or Religion? Both?





All Three Religions:





Second Assignment: Using the information that you gathered in the first assignment, compare and contrast the three religions of Ancient China. Use Microsoft Word to create a chart, and include at least 3 differences and comparisons between the religions.


Use the following sample chart:

Ancient faith:




















Third Assignment:  In a 100-150 words, explain which religion you would have followed if you lived in Ancient China. Use Microsoft Word to complete this assignment. Include the following criteria:

1.      Which religion (Ancient faith, Confucianism, and Taoism/Daoism

2.      Explain 3 reasons why you chose the religion.