by Galli Giuditta, Alta Scuola Pedagogica
Larghi Ramona, Alta Scuola Pedagogica

Are you good at planning? Can you prepare an interesting travel? Here is a challenging task for you! Your class is going to England for a five-days trip, visiting castles and you need to organize travel, accomodation and interesting activities linked to castle life.

Teacher Introduction

This activity is designed for students at their second year of studies.

They will be divided in 4 groups which will work individually but with a common final goal. The class is virtually going on a trip to the south of England, visiting castles and each group will have to organize one day of the trip.

The exercise will ask the students to search the internet and select useful information. Moreover, it will ask them to prepare a plan in details (each group will be responsible for a day: they will have to organize the travel, the accomodation and the visit of the castle), to present it to their classmates and to create a poster with interesting aspects and photos.

Thanks to this project, students will get acquainted with geographical and cultural aspects of the United Kingdom.