by Robert Albert, University Of Hawaii - ETEC Program

This WebQuest develops a working knowledge of the many roles required to produce a television newscast. The learner will identify key job descriptions and their respective roles and responsibilities.




Broadcast news is one of the largest organizations in the television industry. During the past twenty years, our nation has seen a tremendous growth in the dissemination of television news, primarily via cable. A new paradigm shift in television news was created with the advent of the 24-hour News Network. Through this format, the  industry re-invented itself and discovered a whole new audience of eager viewers. Today, with the advent of video streaming, iPods, cell phones and other hand-held mobile devices that are becoming new viewing portals, the television news industry will continue its dynamic growth and reach an entirely new generation of viewers.

     What does it take to produce a television newscast?    
     Who are the people that work behind the scenes?    
     What are the salaries of these individuals?      
     Are you interested in becoming part of this exciting field?

This WebQuest will help you find answers to these questions and more!