The Internet is a wonderful resource that is available to not only students and teachers, but anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge on many topics.  With the ease, currency and instant access of the Internet, the process of research has become very easy.  However, this convenience also increases the likelihood of plagiarism.  Many students do not truly understand what plagiarism is, how common it is, or the consequences that comes with it.  Many students admitted that they have committed plagiarism (either accidentally or intentionally) in the past.

This webquest was allowed middle school students to “become” a Special Agent of a new division of the FBI called the R-Files (research files).  Because I am an avid fan of the X-Files and so many of my students enjoy role-playing and/or science fiction scenarios, this quest was designed to allow students to define plagiarism and the different types of plagiarism, explore famous cases, and learn how to avoid plagiarism.


Working in partners, these Special Agents visited several websites and completed field notes  to expand their knowledge on plagiarism.  At the conclusion of the quest, students were then asked to create a test on plagiarism which was then given to a peer.  Not only were students responsible for creating their own test, they were also required to create an answer key and grade the test.