by Anne Le, Bayside STEM Middle School



My dear Students,

    I realize that many of you have not had an easy time with math in general and with algebra in specific, and I am trying my best to call your attention to this matter once more.  Quite a few of you repeatedly told me that you felt that you could live your life just fine without ever having to know algebra.  I beg to differ with you here because I am going to prove to you that most everything that we do in our daily lives have to deal with quantities, and often with specific quantities.  Your life would improve tremendously if your have the skills to deal with these quantities effectively and efficiently.  To measure, calculate, estimate, predict, and organize quantities would be skills which come from math, from algebra.

    I have created this WebQuest with the hope that perhaps after you have a chance to get involved with it, you will look at algebra with new eyes and new attitudes and will go away with a better sense of appreciation for math.

Sincerely yours,

Your Algebra 1 Teacher