by Charles Cooper, Fox Tech High School

This WebQuest was the product of a class assignment for the course, EDT 612, at National University. It takes the students from the reading of the novel, Animal Farm, to the final product of creating a multimedia presentation intended to persuade the local school board to re-think its student code of conduct, in particular the dress code.


Now that you have completed Animal Farm and explored its various themes, it is now time to prepare our minds to enter the world of the WebQuest. 

While many of us think the multitude of rules that we have to follow in school, especially concerning the dress code, are revolting and insulting, most of us do not do anything except complain. 

Now is the time to convert the revolting into a revolution---to stand up and be heard---like the inspired animals in the novel.

With a small group of your classmates, you will have the opportunity to use the internet and its many weblinks to create a climate of change.

Actions do speak louder than words!