With your partner(s), skim the article titles on these websites:

Censorship and Music:

Censored News Articles:

    If you find an article that sounds interesting, skim it. Then, select one article to use for the remainder of this webquest and read it thoroughly.

    When you have selected an article for your group, search the Internet for two other articles/sources related to the same issue. Try to find other sources with differing viewpoints. For instance, if you select an article that concerns a particular band's censored music, try to find some sources claiming that this particular band should not be banned and some that support the banning. Remember to make sure the sources you find are credible! Once you have two other sources, read them thoroughly. 

    As you search the web for sources related to your topic, remember to check the credibility of each page's content. If you've forgotten how to go about doing this, here is a guide that will help guide you through the process:


    Now, work together to determine how you want to report your findings to the class. Review the rubric so you do not leave out any important components. The format of the presentation is up to you. You may want to perform a piece, pretend you are giving a news report, make a poster or flyer, present a power point, or come up with your own creative ideas. Your presentation has to include some type of visual. You MUST include a summary of your findings and individual opinions about the topic. You must also include a printed copy of each of your sources, your summaries, and opinion pieces. 

    As always, if you are unsure about any of these requirements, ask me about them.