Over the next two weeks, we will be exploring the topic of censorship. As part of this unit, you will be completing this webquest, which concerns censorship and the news media.

    With your partner(s), select one news article from the Project Censored website, which features the 25 top censored news stories, or from the Freemuse website, which includes a list of articles that deal with censorship and music. Once you have chosen an article that looks interesting to you, read the article thoroughly. Then, find and read two more articles on the same topic on other websites. Try to find articles with differing viewpoints.

    When you have thoroughly read all three articles, you will create any type of presentation to present your findings AND your individual viewpoints to the class. The presentation must include a summary of the issue and the viewpoints presented in the articles, your personal opinion(s) regarding the censorship of the news article/artist, and visuals. The presentation may take the form of a poster, a brochure/flyer, a power point, a skit - or be creative!