by Luis Venegas, Hanford West High School

This project is designed for a small group of students(2-4)to conduct an Internet-based research on a Spanish-speaking country. You and your partner are to present this information to the class in the form of PowerPoint.


This project is also a contest. Your group must convice the rest of the class that your trip was better than the rest of the groups. At the end of every presentation, the class will vote on the best trip/presentation. The winning group will earn a 10% extra credit on their project and a small prize (Please don't ask me what it is...I won't tell you!).

If there is one thing you should keep in mind when doing the research and organizing your PowerPoint presentation, it is to try to convince your classmates that the counrty you're presenting is the best one. Make them want to visit that country. It is a contest!