The PowerPoint presentation will be graded not only on the content (information), but also on how well it is put together, choice of illustrations and images, organization of the information, the way it is presented to the class, and overall impression on the class. One of your goals is to make the students want to travel to this country.

To help you get started, the following outline could be used to both conduct your research AND organize your PowerPoint presentation:

I.                    Forms of government

        Name of president/dictator/ruling group/political party

II.                 Background


        Indigenous groups

        Famous explorers

        Languages spoken besides Spanish

III.               Geographical makeup

        Coasts, mountains, deserts, valleys, etc.


IV.              Economy

        Major imports/exports



        Monetary system

V.                 Customs and Traditions


        Major national holidays

        Typical foods.

VI.       Include interesting, intriguing and/or unusual findings about this country.

These are just some of the links you can use to help you complete your research:


This site has links to ALL Spanish-Speaking countries with the flags:

This site has a map of South America where you can hover over the specific country and click on it:

This site has links to the continents in three languages Spanish, English and Portuguese:

This site has pictures and facts about South America : 


This site contains info on culture, foods, etc.: 

Spain : 

This site has World Facts on every country, such as population, altitude, etc.

More facts on countries:

Even more facts

Good place to start:

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Country reports: