by Brieanna Carpenter, IronwoodRidge Highschool
Kalea Friend, Ironwoodridge Highschool


welcome you have completed your journey of life now you must begin a new.....
However you are not alone and a group of class mates must jorney together threw the inferno..
though at time you will not always be together you will still have some form of aid
Virgil & Dante traveled together threw Dante's version of hell .....
Now you & your group will decied wheither or not Dante's version is fair....
Remember these guidelines as you make your analysis
  1. Does the crime fit the punishment?
  2. Should Moral Redemption Exciste?
  3. In what cases could a soul recive Moral Redemption?
  4. Could Dante's form of punishment be viewed as a way of scaring Christians or is it beliveable?
  5. Is there such a thing as fairness in the inferno? 
To recive your own Moral Redemption, and ticket out of hell, your group must successfuly complete the 3 quests that will be given to you.....
Then present your analysis on judegment day to see if  you may enter Paradise....
so pay close attention as you travel threw the inferno because what you learn will help you with your analysis