by Janel Dysart, Immaculate Heart Of Mary Catholic School

In this webquest, students become part of an advertising team that has been hired to encourage an economic resurgence in one of the biomes by increasing tourism. The advertising teams will create a presentation on how they plan to attract tourists to their assigned biome which will be shown to the Department of Tourism for approval.


Introduction: The Biome Department of Tourism needs your help! You and your world-renowned advertising agency have been hired to increase peopleís awareness of a particular biome, as well as increase tourism and revenue (get people to come there and spend money there). The biome is in need of an economic resurgence (more money for their businesses, people and a variety of government needs). They also need money to help with a variety of ecological assistance programs to ensure the health and well-being of their biome, itís environment and all of the plants, animals and people that live there. You and your teamís hard work can do a great deal to help these people and their economy.