Process: You will be creating a presentation for one of the following biomes: tundra, taiga, grassland, deciduous forest, desert, aquatic Each team of three will have these positions:

Researcher and copy writer - researching general biome information and composing the text portion of the Keynote presentation, other jobs as needed

Photographer - responsible for finding 1-2 pictures to be included on each Keynote presentation slide, also focus on animal research, other jobs as needed (also responsible for writing explanation of showcase attraction for teams of three)

Artist - responsible for most of the work on the poster illustrating your showcase attraction for your biome, also focus on plant research, other jobs as needed


Each team of four should add the following position:

Executive Assistant - assist with general research, responsible for writing the explanation of your showcase attraction, ensuring that it sounds persuasive, other jobs as needed

1. Research and Keynote presentation: After assigning positions, your team should begin to research your biome. The presentation should include these 5 sections (use 1 or 2 slides for each section) and 1-2 pictures per slide:

    #1 - title slide with the name of your advertising agency and members

    #2 - location of biome (include a map), climate (temperature, rainfall, etc.), general information, how itís different or better than other biomes, list some of the specific countries, cities and landmarks

    #3 - animals/wildlife that live there, giving at least 5 specific, varied examples, and explain the habitats/ecosystems as best you can

    #4 - plants that live there, giving at least 5 specific,varied examples, and explain the habitats/ecosystems as best you can

    #5 - fun facts: a variety of interesting things (at least 5) that you learned about your biome during your research

*All work on the Keynote presentation will need to be done on only one team members login. This means only one person can be working on this part of the project at a time, so you will need to be organized to be sure all team members have some work they can be doing at all times. include specific Keynote guidelines.

 Here are some websites to help you with your research:



2. Agency name: Come up with a name for your advertising agency that reflects the traits of the biome you will be working on. Be sure to write it on your checklist so you donít forget it.

3. The Showcase Attraction: You and your team need to decide on and create a showcase attraction to create interest in your biome, thus improving tourism and revenue. Here is where you get to be really creative! Your showcase attraction needs to focus on the unique qualities of your biome and could be any number of things. Some ideas might include:

    -an amusement park with rides and shows that reflect your biomeís traits

    -a reality-type television show (like Survivor or Amazing Race) where, through the course of the series, contestants have to do things or go places that reflect the traits of your biome

    - an athletic event or race (like some sports playoffs, olympics, dogsled race, safari, lumberjack contests, swimming, etc.) that reflect the traits of your biome

There are many possibilities for this part of the project. Be sure to discuss this with your whole team. Share your ideas with your team, and be sure to listen to your team members ideas. Once you have agreed on what your showcase attraction will be, you will need to create an illustration/diagram of your idea on poster board, making sure to label all of the important aspects of the attraction. It should be done neatly with color and all written parts should be readable.

4. Written explanation of the Showcase Attraction: You will need to write a description of your showcase attraction. It should be typed in a readable font with appropriate spacing. Be sure to have other team members edit for spelling, grammar and sentence structure errors and be sure to use spellcheck. Your explanation should include how it reflects the traits of your biome and how it will it will promote tourism and increase peopleís interest in the biome.

5. The presentation of your work to the Department of Tourism: Your team will need to present your ideas to the Department of Tourism for the biome you were assigned (your teacher and classmates). Each member of your team must take part in this presentation (everyone has to talk). You will need to discuss your keynote presentation (which will be projected on a screen during your presentation) and show your poster board illustration of your showcase attraction, which you should explain. Make sure you decide beforehand who will do what during your presentation and try to find an opportunity to practice with everyone.

Some things to keep in mind for your presentation:

    * use bullet points on slide - itís easy to refer to while youíre talking

    * donít just read from the slide - give us more - look at the audience

    * use a strong speaking voice so everyone can hear you

    * remember that you may need to help each other during the presentation (advancing the slides, pointing to places on the posterboard, etc.)

    * make sure you practice and discuss with your team who will talk about what

    * remember that your goal is to persuade - sound persuasive!

6. Self and group evaluations: Periodically throughout this process, you will be asked (by your teacher) to evaluate yourself and your teammates. The points that you receive from yourself and your teammates in these evaluations will be included in your final grade for the project. If you are doing your job, being helpful and doing your best work, your evaluations should reflect that.