by Janel Dysart, Immaculate Heart Of Mary Catholic School

In this webquest, students become part of an advertising team that has been hired to encourage an economic resurgence in one of the biomes by increasing tourism. The advertising teams will create a presentation on how they plan to attract tourists to their assigned biome which will be shown to the Department of Tourism for approval.

Teacher Introduction

This webquest is designed to make learning about biomes and ecology a little more exciting.  This webquest allows for independent learning and research, creativity and practice in working with others as a team.  It also teaches/reinforces research skills and  use of technology.  It also offers practice in public speaking/presenting. 

Part of each student's grade is the points earned from the self-evaluations, where each individual student is grades how effectively they've been working, as well as group evaluations, where students grade how effectively the other members of their team have been working.  I've found that these tools are very effective in keeping students focused and on-task.