Task: You and your team will be assigned various tasks to create a presentation with your ideas that you will show to the Department of Tourism, to see if they like it. If they approve of your proposal, your ideas will be used worldwide to encourage travel to a particular biome. You and your team will need to do/create the following:

• come up with a name for your advertising agency that reflects the traits of the biome you will be working on.

• do enough research so that you are very familiar with the characteristics of your biome.

• create a keynote presentation that will illustrate the amazing and impressive qualities of your biome -this will be presented to the Department of Tourism (your teacher and class) upon completion.

• a poster/illustration of your biome “showcase attraction” (athletic competition/ attraction/amusement park/reality show/etc.)

• compose a written explanation of your showcase attraction and why it will encourage tourism and interest.

• you will also be completing self evaluations and group evaluations throughout the project so be sure your doing your share of the work!

*The main focus of your entire presentation should always be to promote the great qualities of the biome and make people want to go there.