Your teacher has divided you into groups of six and provided you with some questions and a chart that you must complete in order to straighten out this mythological mayhem.

Your teacher has assigned you to one of the following roles:

1) facilitator                                                 

2) timekeeper                                  

3) materials coordinator

4) graphics specialist

5) teacher liaison

6) recorder

Your group must research your myths using the links (websites) provided. Be sure to explore all of the links and resources listed.

You must become an expert on these myths.

As a group, you will use the information you have gathered to prepare an oral presentation on the myths that you have been assigned. Be sure that all members participate in the presentation, that you have visual aides, and that the visual aides are easy to read and follow.

Research, answer all questions, and organize your information before designing your presentation. deities/quis-sum.htm