1. First, you will be assigned into groups of 8. Each group will represent a different type of citizen living in Wisconsin in the 1600's-1800's: Fur Traders, Loggers, or Native Americans.

2. As a group you need to research the following information using the websites provided: clothing, lodging, work, and other aspects of lifestyle.

3.Finally, your group will be responsible for creating final products that showcase your understanding of life during that time period for various groups. You will put these products on display and serve as experts for your classmates who will investigate your display. You will also participate in group processes that will also you to verbally express what you have learned.

Now that you know which group youíre part of, here are some helpful websites you can use to conduct your research.  Keep in mind, you need to find information on the following areas: clothing, lodging, work, and other aspects of lifestyle.  You donít need to use all of the provided websites, but only as many as you need to get enough substantial information.

French Fur Traders:  


Native Americans:  


Loggers: (take the online tour) (lumber) 

Final Projects

You are responsible for:

1)      Creating a display that showcases the information your group has found

    a) Using a variety of materials (models, posters, sketches, dioramas, artifacts), create at least one product to correspond with each research area. 

    b) Be prepared to explain to your classmates the significance of your display and how it represents the group you researched.

2)      Write a journal entry or letter about a day in the life from the perspective of someone from the group you researched.  Include enough factual information to give the reader an accurate idea of what life was like during the time period, but allow your creative voice to come through.

3)      Participate in a discussion with a few of your classmates about this scenario:

The Native Americans are peacefully living in the North woods.  Loggers are moving in to cut down the trees and produce lumber.  French fur traders are also moving to the area to trap and trade their furs.  Should these groups be expected to share this land equally, or should one or two groups get priority over the rest?  Give justification for your decisions and try to reach a conclusion.  Youíll present your conclusion to the rest of the class.  You might want to elect one group member to be the recorder and one to be the spokesperson to the rest of the class.

4)      After we view the displays and participate in a discussion, please write a response to the following question:

If you lived in this time period, to which group of people would you have liked to belong?  Provide at least four reasons for your decision.

For more specific information on assessment and evaluation, please see the evaluation section of this webquest.