by Megan Finholt, Luther College
LeAnn Woods, Luther College

This webqest addresses the top environmental problems, and encourages students to research as a group and publish individual persuasive papers the will bring awareness and solutions for the local community.




1.     For one week, I would like you all to collect junk mail that your parents receive, like credit card advertisments (you could just bring in the envelop or part of the mail if you don't want to bring the entire thing), flyers, coupons, etc. Anything you received in the mail that you or your parents didn't ask for, or want.

2.     At the end of the week we will count up all the junk mail that we recieved as a class during the week. Each individual sheet of paper will be counted. Then we will estimate how many sheets of paper are wasted because of junk mail, in a week, then a month, then a year for our class. Then we will estimate how much is wasted in our town alone.

The over-consumption of resources is just one way in which we use and abuse our environment. This webquest will explore seven of the biggest environmental threats that we are currently facing. After researching these issues in groups you will propose solutions that can be used at the local level to help these problems.