by Emily Heetland, Luther College
Ryan Klein, Luther College

Students are reporters for a newspaper and will learn about eight tourist sites in Iowa. Students plan a trip to visit all 8 sites and write a review rating historical significance on each site. Students will locate each site on the map planning a trip across the state of Iowa, visiting each site.



Congratulations you have landed an internship with THE DAILY  IOWAN.

  You have been hired to travel around the state of Iowa, rating important tourist attarctions.  Your job is to find information on each site and fill out the rubric accordingly.  After the rubric has been filled out, you will report back to the publisher of the newspaper with the final draft of your report, which will be published in next week's newspaper.  Because the newspaper has limited fundings, it is your job to plan the most effective way to get from one tourist attraction to the next, traveling west to east.  The Daily Iowan has given you a great oppurtunity to become a featured writer in next week's column.  If you do an outstanding job, they may hire you full-time!