by Eddie Chavez, San Diego State University
Travis Lee, Sdsu
Jacklyn Pike, SDSU
Mikelle Queisser, San Diego State

Animals and their habitats and what makes them unique to thrive in their environments.


Look at a stuffed animal. What do you see?

What kind of fur/skin?

What does that tell you about the animal?

When you wear a BIG coat, does it keep you warm?

What animal wears a big coat and where do you think that animal lives?


What is a habitat?

Definition of habitat: A place where a person or thing is most likely to be found and an area or environment where an organism or ecological organism lives.

What kind of habitat they live in. Mountains? Ocean? Desert? Rain forest?

Give examples of animals that live in the desert, the mountains, the rain forest, and the ocean.


Show videos of animals in their habitats