1. On your own, read I Hear America Singing and Song of Myself.

2. When you have finished, meet with your assigned group to discuss the poems. Assign members of your group the following roles: Note-taker, Blogger, Slideshow designer, Task-master.

Use this worksheet to guide your discussion.

Note-taker: it is your responsibility to jot down the ideas discussed during your     group's meeting. 

Blogger: You are responsible for recording your group's answers on the blog page. Be sure to title your post "Whitman Webquest" and include the names of your group members.

Slideshow designer: You are responsible for assembling a presentation using Power Point, Keynote, or imovie illustrating the theme of celebrating America and Americans.

Task-master: As you may have guessed, your job is to make sure your group stays on task, help each member with his/her assignment, and approve the quality of the blog post and slideshow.

3. It is now time for the blogger to compose a formal response to each question on the worksheet. Be sure to post the response on your personal blog page; however, make sure each member of your group is acknowleged in the first line. Again, be sure your post is titled "Whitman Webquest."

4. While the blogger is posting the responses, the rest of you will conduct an image search. You are responsible for finding images that depict modern-day aspects of American life that you believe are worthy of praise. You may use uncopywrited images and your own digital photos and video.

5. The Slideshow designer is now ready to create the slideshow. Collect the saved images from your group members and save them to your flash drive. Your slideshow will play in the background as each member of the team presents original poetry at our in-class poetry cafe event.

The Moment you have all been waiting for!!

6. You will each compose an original poem celebrating the men and women, landscapes, ideals, and ways of life found in America today. Just as Walt Whitman used free verse, you too will not be burdened by rules of meter and rhyme scheme; however, you are expected to take advantage of imagery and sound devices.  


7. Post your poem on your blog page. Be sure to title your poem and your post.