by Patty Brown, Western H.S.

Students will analyze and evaluate how Walt Whitman celebrates the seemingly ordinary aspects of America and Americans through the reading of "I Hear America Singing" and "Song of Myself". Groups post their findings on the class blogspace and then conduct an image search in order to produce a slideshow presentation showcasing American landscapes, lives, and ideals worthy of praise. Individuals will write their own celebration poem and recite it during an in-class poetry cafe event.

Teacher Introduction

Currently, America is the subject of world-wide scrutiny. As a result of a series of controversial descisions,  Americans now find themselves defending, and even questioning,  what  makes America  a great nation. America is more than our foriegn policy and national consumerism. In these tumultuous times, it is important for all Americans to focus on the wonderful privilidges of being an American. From our cultural diversity to our geographical diversity , from our advances in medicine to our adventures in music, and from our  formal universities  to our traditional  foundations of faith,  America has proven to be resillient, innovative, and worthy of praise.

In this webquest, our students are given the opportunity to focus on the beauty of America, put their ideas into thier own words, and create a multimedia celebration of thier home.