Day 1

A. You will join the people in your team and decide which picture you want to look for. If you are more than three people, two can pair up and work together.

B. These are the pictures you have to look for:

Picture 1

A man is playing a guitar. He is sitting on a stone bench in a garden. He is wearing grey breeches, a striped suit and white ruffles around his neck and wrists.  On the background we can see the statue of a female.  

Picture 2

There are several men in a room. One of them is sitting on a bed. He has a beard and wears a white robe. He is pointing upwards with his left finger and with his right hand he is almost touching a bowl which another man is holding. All the men around him seem sad. 

Picture 3

There are three men in the picture, two on horseback, one on foot. The man on foot and one of the riders are holding the body of a woman. They are watching the other rider approaching and seem in a hurry. On the background, there is a castle on fire. 

Once you have picked up your picture, you will start your search in the Internet by browsing through the web sites provided. 




Day 2

Once you have found the picture, look for information about it and the artist. Use the Picture Template to write notes about the painting and the style. Use the Interview Template to answer the questions about the artist. Prepare yourself to impersonate the artist and explain your picture to the other members in the team.

Day 3

You will team up and explain the picture to your partners. Once you have finished, listen to your other partners and use the Oral Presentation Rubric in the Evaluation section to avaluate your friends. You can ask them questions about the painting and the character.

Day 4

You will team up again so as to introduce the information about 18th century painting in the wiki. Once finished, think about the best way to present what you have learnt to the rest of the class. Take into account that the information you include in the wiki will be read and avaluated by your classmates. Include some pictures that make it easier to understand.

Day 5

Look at the wiki and avaluate your partners. Use the Wiki Rubric in the Evaluation section. Next, start preparing a Power Point Presentation that includes both text and pictures. Your partners in the class will evaluate your presentation so make sure it is attractive and relevant enough.   

Day  6 

You will present the Power Point to the rest of the class. Use the Power Point Rubric in the Evaluation section to avaluate your partners.