by Beatriz Papaseit, IES Gabriela Mistral

A view on Rococo and Neo-classic French painters. Students search for the missing pictures in the museum, impersonate the artist and submit a wiki with the learnt information.

Teacher Introduction

The webquest is intended as a way to familiarize students with Rococo and Neoclassic French painting. The students should be working in groups of three of four people. The tasks involved require both individual and team work. The individual work consists in finding the described picture and learning about the painting and the artists through the web sites provided. The team work involves presenting the information to the rest of the group, creating a wiki to include what has been learnt and presenting everything to the whole group as final activity.

This webquest is part of a wider project which includes other webquests on the 18th century. They are part of the Interactive Unit by land and by sea designed by Beatriz Papaseit for Spanish students. Ideally, every group of three or four students should work on a different webquest. The instructions and the process have been written with this idea in mind. If your plan to use this webquest on its own, you should first revise the instructions and the process.

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