The first step in creating your presentation is for you and your partner to learn about snowflakes and “Snowflake” Bentley.  Together go to the following website and view a short video about Wilson Bentley. (Click on the arrow in the middle of the image to start the video.)


Snowflakes are Amazing



    After you have viewed the video together each of you will be learning either about similes or reviewing adjectives and synonyms. After you have each completed the activities you will get back with your partner and teach each other what you have learned.


Partner 1:  You will be learning about similes. Remember you will need to teach your partner what a simile is and each of you needs to be able to write 3 similes about snow or snowflakes.


There are four activities to complete on this website. There are several ways to navigate this page. Check with your teacher if you need help.


Using Similes to Enhance Writing Skills

Partner 2:  You will be reviewing adjectives and synonyms. When you start to write your similes you will need to start with an adjective to compare with. Also in order to have the best presentation you will need to have the most interesting adjectives you can so being able to come up with synonyms for your adjectives will be a helpful skill.

Go to the following websites to review adjectives and synonyms. Remember you will need to review with your partner adjectives and similes so be prepared to do so.




(This site has links to several games to practice synonyms. Don’t get lost in playing games remember you have a job to do.)

The next step is for you and your partner to write your similes, create your snowflakes, and prepare your PowerPoint presentation.


First each of you need to teach each other what you have learned about similes or adjectives and synonyms.


Next go to the following website to view images of snowflakes by “Snowflake” Bentley. While you are viewing these images each of you needs to write three different adjectives that describe snowflakes. Remember to be creative in your descriptions. Click on the first snowflake then click the next link to view the rest.


After you have your adjectives use the following worksheet to help you write your similes. Remember you each need three.



Now that you have written your similes it is time to create your snowflakes and put your PowerPoint presentation together.


First you will visit the following website to create and save your one-of-a-kind snowflakes



                Now you are ready to put your presentation together in a PowerPoint.  Work together to create the title page, each of you should create your own slides for the similes and snowflakes you created.  Once your presentation is finished you will be presenting it to the publishers (your class and teacher).