Arthur Miller's The Crucible, in the context of the historical Salem Witch Trials, shows many innocent people being accused of crimes/sins they did not commit.  Throughout history, society has been blinded to similar occurrences, or "witch hunts."  Indeed, Miller wrote The Crucible in response to one of those "witch hunts" that took place in his time period--McCarthyism.

The Question:
What should be done to keep the innocent from being accused and presumed guilty?


Your job, in a group of 3 (or 4) students, is to research the background of the Salem Witch Trials, McCarthyism, and other "witch hunts" throughout history to find their causes, evaluate their consequences, and develop a solution that would help avoid and/or prevent such "witch hunts" in the future.

You will be charting your results and colaborating in order to create a letter to the editor of a newspaper telling what society should do to prevent innocent people from being accused and presumed guilty in the future.