Step 1:  Let's explore The Academy of American Poets homepage.

Once there, find the top 20 poets (this link is located on the lefthand side of the page).   You can pick one poet from the top 10 contemporary poets of Fall 2006 or the top 20 classic poets of Fall 2006 (located on the righthand side of the page).  On the sheet you were given in class, record the appropriate biographical information for the poet you chose. 

Now read some of the poet's poems and print out your favorite poem.  Fill in the appropriate information about the poems you read on your sheet. 

Still on the AAP's website, go here sign up for their poem-a-day e-mail throughout the month of April.


Step 2:   Go to The Poetry Society of America's website.

Find out what Poetry in Motion is all about and fill in the details on your sheet.  


Step 3:   Go to Poets & Writers, Inc.'s page, Basic Info for Writers.

Read over the frequently asked questions and pick the one that interests you the most.  Write the question and its answer on your sheet.


Step 4:  Remember Magnetic Poetry?    

Click on the new High School kit.  A new window will open up.  Play around with the magnets and write your own poem.  Write your poem down on your sheet.


Step 5:  Stuck on a word that you can't rhyme?  Can't find just the right word or phrase to finish the rhyme scheme?  Go to RhymeZone for help.

Type in some of your favorite words that you have listed in your journal and record their rhyme partners on your sheet. 


Step 6:  Go here and tell me who Masaoka Shiki is.  Read the Introduction and write down a basic definition/description for haiku.  Write your own haiku.  


Step 7:  Looking for a muse?  For your next in-class writing, we'll be working on a poem inspired by an image.  Go here and browse through their pictures to look for inspiration.  Not inspired?  Here are a few other websites you can go to, or feel free to google your favorite artist and see what you can come up with: