Now It's time for everyone in your group to get organized.

1) The first step is to decide how you want to divide up the different aspects of the magazine amongst the group.

     Each Magazine needs to include:

2) After it's decided who is going to be responsible for what (which could also mean: who's responsible for what research, who's responsible for the documenting of sources and the bibliography, who's responsible for the artwork and design layout, ...), The group needs to set the next weeks goals and ways they're going to fulfill those goals (for example at least one source will be used to respond to the appropriate section).

 3) As more and more information is gathered, it'll be important to give the rest of the group an update on what you're learning so that you can connect the different sections together.

4) After completing the research the articles need to be written, reviewed by peers, and revised. (Remember to document your sources)

5) Pick your myth or story that you want to tell to your buddy.

6) Design your magazine (making sure everything is neatly typed) and when finalized and reviewed ....

7) PUBLISH!!!   (Be sure to creatively use a Microsoft office tool to publish  your work!)

8) Present your story using PowerPoint, video, audio, etc.

9) Be excited about what you and your classmates learned and made, we'll have a discussion and food day where each group will make a food item using the recipe from their magazines.






General sources:


    National Geographic Kids 

    Ask Jeeves for Kids

   AJR Newslink

    Google news  

   Library of Congress American Memory

    Biographical Dictionary



    Maptech MapServer (topo)

   Yahoo! Kids

    Kids Click!

    ThinkQuest Entries

   Kids Search Tool 


 Native American sites:



   Recipes  - click on the globe to the left to see changes in Tribal lands another webquest and when you click on each topic over more links to other resources.

   First People



    Cherokee of OK 

    Cherokee of NC 




Black Elk and Lakota history and links

    Lakota Language

   Lakota Country Times

    Lakota Winter Counts     




    inuit gallery

    Canadian Inuit 


Some book resources:

    Food and Culture 4th edition by Pamela Goyan Kittler and Kathryn P. Sucher

    Cherokee Animal Tales by George F. Scheer

    The Eskimo Story-teller: Folktales from Noatak, Alaska by Edwin S. Hall, jr.