by Mary Peterson

This Webquest is designed so that students can learn collaboratively in groups about a particular Biome while incorporating math, Language Arts, history, geography, current events, and environmental science into a magazine publication.


 How does all the aspects of a particular Biome coorelate and why are they important?


For the next couple months we will be learning about six different Biomes on Earth We will be learning about many different aspects of each Biome (found under Process), but I want you to think about how the many different aspects of each Biome are actually interwoven like a basket. The different strands make up the basket and with even one less strand the basket can't be complete. There are many different parts to this project (which is why you get over two months to complete it) and for each one there are specific things I want to make sure you include, but this is just the minimum. I want each person in the group to bring their special talents to the table and make this project their own. 


    I want to make sure this project isn't all about the particulars of the Biome, but also about how the biomes are used, in both good and 'bad' ways. I also want you to think about how we can preserve these environments and how we can spread information to those who may not learn this information in school. This is the job of the magazine. 


Good luck now get working