Our community has just decided to open up a zoo with six different biomes and they need your help!  They need a small magazine to be developed for each biome describing all the different aspects of the biome your group will be undertaking, however they also want to show that there's more to any particular biome than just animals and climate so they will also be needing examples of how the environment is used and current conflicts that are occuring in a particular Biome (like oil drilling). Now is your time to show the community how much you know and to inform them through a magazine that your group will create.


For our Class:

    Everyone is being placed into groups and each group will research, design, and 'publish' a magazine on your assigned Biome.


1) Tundra

2) Aquatic  environment

3) Desert

4) Savanna or Tropical Grassland

5) Temperate Deciduous Forest

6)  Tropical Rainforest


    Each group should divide the different aspects needed for the magazine and follow the process steps.

     This project is not something that will be able to be completed within a week or something that you will be allowed to wait to the last minute to start. Instead this project is going to take about two to three months in order to fully learn and pull together all aspects of this project. This is a time for you to use the special skills you have as an individual, that we've talked about in class, in order to make the best finished product. Each week each group is going to set some goals for themselves with my help and  on Fridays we will review what the group and each individual within the group has done to accomplish these goals and set up the next weeks goals.