With recent events in todays society, you as a high school student have been directly or indirectly affected by war.  As you read the novel How I Live Now, you will see how the characters Daisy, Piper, Edmond, and Isaac are affected by a war in England.  As you read this book, you should pay close attention to the actions these characters take as they try to survive during this war.  What decisions do they make?  Why?  Would they make the same decisions if there was not a war going on?  How does the war change them?  While you read, you should keep these questions in the back of your mind.  This webquest will help you take these ideas a step further to see if humans and animals are as different as they seem on the surface.  War brings out strange behaviors in humans, and it is your job to evaluate this behavior. 

Through this webquest you will accomplish the following: