In order to complete task 1, you must now do some research. Step 1 of task 1 is to complete a graphic organizer of the characteristics of your five kingdoms.

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The Five Kingdoms

Your team will begin working on securing information about the five kingdoms. Begin your hunt to complete your graphic organizer on the five kingdoms. Remember, as you look for examples, you will be also thinking about what living creatures will be suitable in your zoo environment, so take your time, search and research well, and explore a variety of living things.

Here are some sites on the five kingdoms to guide you through the research process. Library/five_kingdoms_of_life.htm

Directions: Record the characteristics and examples of each kingdom, citing a minimum of two for each category.

Kingdom          Name           




















































                                                        Scoring Rubric




At least three characteristics are in each group and two or more examples are included


At least two characteristics are in each group and at least two examples are included


At least one characteristic and one example is included


** Your teacher must approve the graphic organizer before proceeding to the next step **


Task 2 - Creating Your Zoo

In this task, your group of zooligists are in the process of creating a new zoo in your area of the country. Zoo life is different than life in the wild, as the zoo is a microcosm of life on our planet, and as such, cannot contain all living organizms in a small confined area. As such, one must carefully choose the animals and plants to reside in your zoo.

You are going to create a zoo, limited to a 1 mile square area. That is the only limit to your imagination. Your instructions are to create a zoo that contains examples of all five kngdoms, with a minimum of two representatives. Before you start, consider the environment you will create; what is the temperature variation in your area seasonally as this will determine the type of life that exists there? How about a water source? Are you thinking of a desert theme? Mountainous? It is your zoo, be creative.

Also, you need to create a catchy name for your zoo, and a theme for a marketing campaign. The Team B Zoo, is waiting for you! (Corny, but you get the idea) Below, you will find further instructions and some helps. There are also links to some of our country's best zoo's for you to review and hopefully give you some ideas as to how to construct a zoo.

Lastly, your team will provide a two paragraph summary detailing your choices for your zoo, a description of the property, and any other details necessary to justify your creation.

To review...

A-Research zoos, and determine which living things you will include in your design.

B-Design your zoo, using construction paper and colored pencils.

C-Create a name, and a marketing catch phrase for the zoo.

D-Summarize and justify your choices.

Here are some sites that may spur along some ideas for your own team's zoo creation.



Lincoln Park Zoo-Chicago, Illinois                  

Sand Diego Zoo-San Diego, California           

Columbus Zoo-Columbus, Ohio                     

Toledo Zoo-Toledo, Ohio                              

Chehaw Wild Animal Park-Albany, GA          

Virginia Zoological Park-Norfolk, VA             

Detroit Zoo-Detroit, MI                                  

Have a great time and think carefully about your choices. The all you!




Task 3 -The Final Assessment

This is your final step, which is designed to help you find out what you have learned and how to process the information. Each group will work together to answer the questions below. Use the information you knew before starting this project, combine it with what you have learned, and then make it all work together to answer the questions below.


Name of Zoo___________________________________       Date________________         Score________________


Reliving the Zoo Building Experience


1.       Can you tell why living things are divided into five kingdoms?



2.       What differences are there in the characteristics of the zoo you created and a zoo you may have visited or viewed on television?



3.       Think about the people in the school. Are they classified in some way? If so, how are they classified?



4.       What are some potential problems with your zoo design?




5.       Predict what your zoo will be like in just ten years, if the living things reproduce?




6.       Could you justify further dividing the 5 kingdoms into a larger list?  In other words, in your opinion, can the five kingdoms be divided into even more kingdoms based on common characteristics?


7.    Individually, describe the process for the classification of living things. Include the kingdom names and characteristics, the reason the classification system was created, and any other information pertinent to your understanding of this lesson. This portion of the assignment should be a minimum of two paragraphs.