by Lisa Hernandez, Santa Clara University

This WebQuest focuses on the voting restrictions placed on African Americans and Women in United States history. Also as part of the unit, students will see how votes can be swung in their favor through campaigning, persuasion, and manipulation.



Hello Future Voter!

    Throughout two-thirds of this unit, we are going to explore our past history in voting, specifically targeting the transition from inequality to equality for African Americans and women.  Your job is to critically read all web pages, take notes, answer questions in your journal, and be able to explain why history may have occurred this way.  For the last third of the unit, you will be analyzing the strategies used in elections and will participate in a class-wide mock presidential election and will analyze what you look for in a candidate and what ways of persuasion took your vote.  After this experience, you will know what it takes to be a good voter and why it is such a privilege.  

Good luck and have fun!