In the following tasks, you will be analyzing the United States' history on voting, specifically involving African Americans and Women.  You are to place close attention to the injustices of voter's rights in the past, as well as become a more educated voter.  By the end of this WebQuest, you will have completed the following items:

  1. Answered questions in your journal and wrote reflections on overall sentiments towards general restrictions on voting and more specifically on African Americans restrictions of voting. 
  2. Read the information on Scholastics website on women's suffrage and completed the "Women's Suffrage Fact Sheet" as well as reaction to the articles (All response will be placed in the voting journal).
  3. Participated in the discussion of what fair voting/ elections looks like.  You will have also participated in a mock election and will have written what your role was in this election process, and how you chose to vote on your fellow classmates ballots.