by Natausha Lusk, Kealakehe Elementary School

In this Web Quest students will choose an important historical figure from the American Revolution to research, create a biopoem or acrostic to present to the class, and write a report of information.




ďHis name is everywhere. Our nationís capital is named after him and so is the state of Washington. His face appears on the quarter and the dollar bill. But who exactly was George Washington? George Washington was an important figure in the American Revolution.Ē ( © 2006 A&E Television Networks)  

The American Revolution changed our history forever. Although George Washington was extremely important to the American Revolution, he was not the only memorable historical figure during the Revolution. There were many men, and women who were important for their own reasons. Some were traitors while others were Washingtonís best men (or woman).

You and a partner are going to teach your classmates about one of these other important figures!