Now you're done! How was the experience? Was it interesting creating all of those color schemes? And, to include your original design. . . I'm sure that made each color scheme come alive! In your process, did you think of artists like Johnston, Motley, Goya or Degas as you saw some of your color schemes come to life? I'm sure you did. You should now be able to see a direct correlation between the colors used by these artists and the the subject matter in their work. In effect, you should now be able to develop your compositions with greater thought as you begin to assign color to them.

You saw how mood, intensity, harmony, and balance change as colors are arranged. Completing a set of any one design, as repetatitive as this might have been, enabled you to draw conclusions about your ideas and arrangement choices more succinctly. I'm sure you also noticed the role of color in communicating your ideas.

I hope this was an enriching experience for you. You did a great job in your discovery and exploration of the various color schemes together with the use of the compositional elements of design.

This is all the time we have to dedicate to this topic. It was long, but important. From this point forward you will be using more and more color, and you are now able to make informed decisions about color usage. If you'd like to purse this project further, the links that you have been provided are great places to start exploring.

Continue the creativity