You will recieve individual grades based on your own participation and the group assignment that is turned in.














Did not read any of the articles. Looked at the articles, but did not read them thoroughly. Read the articles and grasped the general concept. Read the articles carefully and made an effort to understand the material in detail.




Talks over others, argues with partners and does not listen to others' points of view. Argues sometimes. Sides with friends rather than considering all points of view. Listens to others and usually considers all points of view, but sometimes talks too much. Does not argue. Listens to other's opinions and speaks a fair amount. Helps team to come to a decision.



Participation in writing

Did not contribute. Contributed little. Contributed some, but not as much as other team members. Contributed an equal amount.



Completion of task

Does not answer the questions posed. Addresses some of the questions posed. Addresses most of the questions. Addresses all of the questions.



Mechanics of Written assignment

More than five spelling and grammer errors. Four or five spelling and grammer errors. Two or three spelling and grammer errors. None or one spelling or grammer error.



Content of Writing Assignment

Does not show an understanding of the issue. Related to the issue, but incomplete or off the subject. Shows a good understanding of the issue. Goes beyond a rudimentary  understanding of the issue by incorporating relevent decisions not specifically in response to the questions posed.



Group Discussion

Read articles separately and did not discuss. Each person summarized their articles but there was no discussion of issues. Brief discussion of issues or discussions that excluded some members. In depth discussion of issues that included all members.