by Kaitlyn Hackett, Hardy Elementary

The Spanish Missionaries lead by Father Junipero Serra arrived in San Diego in July 1767. They gave the Kumeyaay, San Diego's Native American community, no choice but to convert to the Spanish way of life and leave their traditions behind. Now, 250 years later, it is up to you to tell your side of the story as either Missionary or native Kumeyaay (roles will be assigned by the teacher). Through research you will back your group's actions so long ago and through debate, we as a class will decide if the Missionaries truly had good intentions or if the Kumeyaay were viciously mistreated. It is up to your research and power of persuasion!


The year is 1775, Mission San Diego De Alcala is up in flames and many Spanish Missionaries have been killed. But who is to blame?  The Kumeyaay Native American Tribe that had been taken over by the Missionaries had revolted against their new leaders! Some say the Kumeyaay were unprovoked, others say this revolt was a long time coming but the real question is why did it happen at all?