by LaTonya Davis, University Of Illinois At Springfield
Tom Hutchison, University Of Illinois At Springfield
Terrance Jordan, UIS
Christy Malone, University Of Illinois At Springfield
Jennifer Wessel, UIS

Students research Illinois history in three Illinois towns. They identify important people or events, and use this information to create a map, travel guide, and a poster promoting their Black History tour to the three towns of Alton, Cairo, and Springfield in Illinois. The students will also be required to reflect upon their research by writing a letter to the governor about which of the three Illinois towns they would choose to live in and why.


The Governor of our state wants our citizens to know more about Black History in Illinois. Your job is to prepare a Black History tour of three Illinois towns - Alton, Cairo, and Springfield. You will prepare a travel guide. Then you will promote your tour with a colorful poster or power point presentation.  Lastly, you will choose which town you would like to live in and write a letter to the governor explaining your reasons.