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Would you like to go on one of the Black History tours to these Illinois towns? At the end of your travel guide insert a page that describes what new things you learned about Black History from this project.

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What did you like most about the project? What was the most difficult? Enter your responses into your journal under the heading, Feedback.

Want to Learn More?

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If you want to do more study of these issues, you can start with the following websites: This site contains an article about the early boycotts of segregated schools.  - Article on African Americans in Il and info. About Elijah Lovejoy, an abolitionist from Alton,Il,9171,888920,00.html?promoid=googlep - 1951 Time magazine article about Alton schools that were still segregated. - History of Laclede Steel Company. Had a plant in Alton. - pictures from Cairo, Il past and present. - a biography about James Henry Magee. - Book review of Let My People Go which describes the civil rights movement in Cairo. - Gwendolyn Brooks poem, We Real Cool. - an opinion article that describes today's Cairo (written in 2003). - The important role Cairo played during the Civil War. - an article about transportation during the 1900s. - newspaper article sensationalizing the Springfield Race Riot of 1908



You might want to explore how much a tour like this might cost. Your teacher can help you prepare a template that helps organize the information for you to use in determining the cost.