I have returned from my vacation and see that you have exceeded my expectations!   I am sure you learned a lot during this time about how to solve problems.  Please remember, you can use what you have learned to help you solve your problems too!  I know you have taught the elementary students well.  I have heard that they have used your suggestions and are now expert problem solvers.

Next week, I will be conducting interviews for an assistant and think you will be a great one!  However, you need to prepare for the interview.  In order to help you prepare, I have included a list of resources for you to look at over the next week.   

Thank you for taking care of everything while I was on vacation.


Professor Blem S. Olving           5 steps to solving problems   Brian Tracy’s Blog,1,Slide 1           4 steps—very elementary                    several elementary methods----pictures to accompany steps   Lists out seven steps with questions to prompt you.